EvLinking Weekly 2016.12.13 – 2016.12.19

# This Week’s News

Google launches first developer preview of Android Things, its new IoT platform

Google today announced Android Things, its new comprehensive IoT platform for building smart devices on top of Android APIs and Google’s own services. Android Things is now available as a developer preview.

Big Data In Healthcare: Paris Hospitals Predict Admission Rates Using Machine Learning 

Hospitals in Paris are trialling Big Data and machine learning systems designed to forecast admission rates – leading to more efficient deployment of resources and better patient outcomes.

Smart Home Reference Designs from Silicon Labs Accelerate Development of IoT Connected … 

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) has launched two new wireless occupancy sensor and smart outlet reference designs for the home automation market, providing IoT connected device solutions that help make our homes safer, more convenient and energy efficient.

Cortana gets IoT integration, support for third-party skills 

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant is getting a lot smarter. On Tuesday, the company announced a set of developer tools aimed at bringing it into the internet of things, and adding support for developers to build new functionality for it.

BodyCap’s wearable health monitoring devices now used aboard the International Space Station 

BodyCap, a company specialised in miniaturised wireless monitoring devices, announced that two of its wearable health monitoring devices are currently being used by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet aboard the International Space Station (ISS), as part of ESA’s EveryWear program, an ambulatory data collection system.

Stream’s IoT-X platform selected to deploy LoRaWAN low power wide area network technology 

In partnership with Sensor City, Stream Technologies will be bringing Liverpool to the Internet of Things with the deployment of the LoRaWAN™ low power wide area network technology.

Connected car moves over for smart fire engines this Christmas 

Emergency One, a UK-based manufacturer of fire and special vehicles, today announced it is connecting its vehicles’ on-board computer consoles to Vodafone’s dedicated, 4G-enabled IoT network to help keep them working at all times.


# IoT Industry Information

LPWA market to generate US$23bn in service revenue by 2020, says new research report 

SNS Research has released a new 239-page report, The LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Networks Ecosystem: 2017 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts.

Scale brings complexity as IoT connected devices set to triple by 2021, exceeding 46bn units 

New data from Juniper Research has found that the number of connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices, sensors and actuators will reach over 46 billion in 2021

Smart machines to enter mainstream adoption by 2021, says Gartner

Smart machines will enter mainstream adoption by 2021, with 30% adoption by large companies, according to Gartner, Inc.


# Investment News

Our 3 Favorite Stocks to Invest in the Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing network of connected sensors and devices, and the increasing connectivity is already having significant impacts at the consumer, enterprise, and public levels.

Seeing Machines raises £15m in AIM listing as demand grows among car makers and suppliers 

Seeing Machines Ltd, the AIM-listed technology company with a focus on operator monitoring and intervention sensing technologies and services, has conditionally raised £15 million(US$ 19.02million), before expenses, through a placing and subscription.


# Blog Posts and Articles

From production slumps to industrial espionage 

The manufacturing sector must be better prepared for cyber attacks, says Mirko Brandner, of Arxan Technologies.

When it comes to IoT, more security is needed 

Sometimes it takes a monumental event for an industry to change. The Target hack during the holiday season of 2013 – in which some 40 million credit card numbers were stolen – changed people’s attitudes about security forever.

Seven areas for regulators and policy makers to consider 

The potential for IoT to have a positive economic, societal, and environmental impact worldwide is substantial, but its development also raises new questions to be addressed by regulators and policy makers.

Google makes it easier to get Internet of Things devices online 

It’s relatively easy to build your own Internet of Things hardware, but the software is another story. How do you connect it to cloud services, push updates or just write code?

What’s Naughty & Nice About The Internet Of Things

The press rightly publicizes the worst IoT security hazards, and there’s a hefty catalogue of what’s wrong.

10 Things To Know About Android Things – Google’s Latest IoT Device OS

Android Things heats up the device market with a new OS. Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 IoT to hobbyists and OEMs.


# Conferences and Webinars

IoT Evolution Expo Focuses on Business Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Norwalk, CT—December 13, 2016— TMC and Crossfire Media announced today a new track, IoT IT – Business Intelligence and Machine Language at IoT Evolution Conference & Expo, being held February 7-10, 2017 at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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