Hello, I'm Wei And This Is Everything Linking, The IoT Podcast And Newsletter.

The Everything Linking podcast is an interview-based podcast dedicated to making Internet of Things or IoT related information and knowledge globally accessible. Our mission is to promote companies that is working on IoT products, solutions, and services, share the latest industry news, and create partnerships. Topics can range from connectivity protocals, IoT platforms, Smart Devices, Smart city, security in the IoT world and more. In each episode, I interview the leader of one aspiring IoT company. We talk about what they do, why they’re doing it and also discuss trends and obstacles in the IoT industry today.

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Now that you get the idea of what Everything Linking is about, let me take a second to introduce myself.


My name is Wei (pronounced WAY), and I'm the Founder and Host of EverythingLinking.


Working at an IoT platform company for the past three years, I know just how important it is to pick the brains of the leaders of other IoT companies, and know about cutting edge solutions and the latest trends and industrial progress. I also observed how companies are taking IoT strategies more seriously over the years and seeking closer partnership opportunities within the ecosystem.


I was inspired when I attend the Allseen summit hosted by The Linux Foundation, where I felt the vibe of companies coming together to solve real issues on hand and share discoveries, progresses, and frustrations through keynote speeches and working groups. I want to extend the experience to the entire IoT industry, and thus decided to launch Everything Linking.


The paradox of Internet of Things is that it’s not really there when people are still talking about it as an independent topic, or at least talking about it as “IoT”, just like the famous tech media website Readwriteweb took out the “web” in it’s name and rebranded to be ReadWrite 4 years ago, as technology has grown beyond the web, and they rebranded the site to focus more on the read and write of the content. Internet of Things will really be here when people start to simply address it as Internet and take connect things for granted. Until then it’s my mission to promote companies working to push this industry forward, and connect points in the ecosystem that can create synergy. While you connect things, Everything Linking will connect you.


At the launch of the podcast, I will publish an episode every other weekday for two weeks, then maintain a pace of launching an episode every Mon. As listener grows, I will pick up speed and increase the number of episodes we launch per week, my goal is for Everything Linking to grow into a podcast that publishes 5 days a week. So I can join you on your commute to work everyday.


Alright, that’s all for now, I’ll catch you on the flip side!