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Ian Skerrett, Vice President of Marketing from Eclipse Foundation,

joins us on this episode of Everything Linking IoT Podcast, and shares what the Eclipse Foundation is all about. Eclipse Foundation is a software company that focuses on producing open source software frameworks, standards and services. 4 years ago, Eclipse Foundation started their IoT software project and work group, and since then, they created several widely used frameworks and standard including MQTT, CoAP, OMA LightweightM2M, and more. During the show, Ian talked about the standards they developed over the years, shared some success stories with us, as well as talked about what ahead for Eclipse IoT. We then went on and talked about the trends that’s happening in the IoT industry today, and what opportunity is there for people to take advantage of. Tune in to listen to the insights that Ian shared with us!


Interviewed Guest

Ian is the VP of marketing at the Eclipse Foundation. The last 4 years he has been leading the creation of a community that is building open source technology for IoT solutions.

Ian supports the projects and member companies to increase the awareness of what’s happening at Eclipse.


Interviewed Company

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that acts as the steward of Eclipse, an open source community working to build a development platform consisting of the frameworks, tools and run-times needed for “building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.” The most well-known of the Eclipse projects is the Eclipse platform, a multi-language software development environment and IDE. The Eclipse Foundation’s stated aim is to cultivate both the community and “an ecosystem of complementary products and services.” It is considered a “third generation” open-source organisation.

Eclipse IoT is an ecosystem of companies and individuals that are working together to establish an Internet of Things based on open technologies.

The Eclipse IoT community is consists of 25 open source projects for IoT solution developers.

The Eclipse IoT Working Group is supporting open standards for the Internet of Things. They provide open source implementations for IoT protocols such as CoAPETSI SmartM2MMQTT or LwM2M.


What’s Coming Up

–        Eclipse IoT Day @ Thingmonk on Sept 12 in London, UK  http://thingmonk.com/index.html#speakerseclipse

–        Eclipse IoT Day @ EclipseCon Europe on Oct. 25 in Ludwigsburg, Germany https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2016/iot

–        Eclipse IoT Portal   http://iot.eclipse.org/

–        Virtual IoT Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Virtual-IoT/


Contact Info

email: ian.skerrett@eclipse.org

Twitter: @ianskerrett



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