008: Fred Chak | Blocks Wearable: The World’s First Modular Smartwatch

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Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of Everything Linking IoT Podcast!

Fred Chak, Director and Founding partner at Blocks Wearable, joins us during this half-hour chat to talk about what Blocks Smartwatch is about. We talked about how they started, their vision and mission, how the product is coming around, and also how they create an open hardware platform so that developers can also join their journey in bringing the world’s first modular smartwatch to the market. After talking about Blocks smartwatch, we moved on and discussed the circumstance of the wearable industry, what’s happening, the latest trends, and obstacles and opportunities Fred see in this highly debated field. Tune in to get the insights!


Interviewed Guest

Fred is a founding partner of Blocks Wearables. He is an experienced Project Director who created some of the most award winning products in the world. Fred collected over 30 awards including Reddot best of the best award, Yellow pencil, Webby awards, LA movie awards and more. Fred worked with brands such as Adobe, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Google, Samsung, Sony and more.


Interviewed Company

Blocks Wearables was founded in London, England in December 2013 by a team of engineers and designers from Imperial College London. It received numerous awards for its modular design concept, including Computex d&i Award (2016), Reddot Best Design Concept (2015) and People’s Choice Award at Intel Make It Wearable challenge (2014).

Blocks raised $1.6 Million on Kickstarter in November 2015 with 5,500 pre-orders. It reached its goal of $250,000 in just 56 mins and became the second biggest smartwatch crowdfunding company overall, as well as 3rd biggest technology Kickstarter Europe.


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