007: Orlando Remedios | Sensefinity: SAAS and Out-of-box Hardware and Connectivity to Manage Food and Vaccine Wellness

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Orlando Remedios, CEO of Portugal IoT startup Sensefinity,

joins us on this episode to tell us about what Sensefinity do and share his experience from working in the IoT sector all these years. Sensefinity provides two main product, one is their platform offering, an IoT connectivity platform that allows partners, such as system makers, to leverage in their systems; another product is a total solution for cold chain management that includes out-of-box sensor hardware and easy to configure communication platform as well as the management interface. Orlando shares that the cold chain management product, SensorIce, arose out of market needs and believes their system can be re-used for a lot of use-cases such as Industrial 4.0 or smart agricultural. They are actively looking for distribution partners for the cold chain solution and are happy to partner with organizations wanting to re-use Sensefinity’s system for their own projects.


Interviewed Guest

Orlando is Founder of Sensefinity, a startup enabling the Internet of Things for the Masses. Prior to starting Sensefinity he was at Nokia creating the Machine-2-Machine business as well as its surrounding Eco-System in Silicon Valley and Europe. Prior to that Orlando was heading Nokia’s R&D Unit for the Network Reporting and Customer Experience Management, having previously led also the IP-TV and Network Management Units, with teams located in countries as diverse as Denmark, Germany, India and Portugal. His teams have an excellent Innovation track-record having been responsible for over 40 patents in the past 10 years. Orlando has a Computer Science Degree from the Hochschule Rhein-Main in Germany as well as a Post-Graduation in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool.


Interviewed Company

Sensefinity connects the physical world with the user’s IT, creating the Internet of Things (IoT). Via their simple to use, inexpensive sensor-platform and scalable cloud-platform, they can find fast and easy ways to integrate machine-data into today’s IT systems to uncover hidden value.


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