005: Philip DesAutels|AllSeen Alliance: Cross-Industry Consortium Dedicated To Enabling The Interoperability Of The Internet Of Things

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AllSeen_Alliance_LogoPhilip DesAutels, Senior Director of the AllSeen Alliance (a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project), joins us on this episode of Everything Linking. He believes in an ‘Open IOT’ where billions of smart connected products, devices and applications all speak the same language, enabling simple and secure connection and communication, and where everybody – not just the Technorati – can combine smart connected products into solutions that improve our lives, workplaces and communities.

By having a unified community work on a common open framework, we unleash a world of innovation, freed from silos. He believes in this because he has seen the story play out over and over again, like email or the Web before it. Proprietary becomes open, and disparate converges to common. And, with more than 200 cross-industry AllSeen Alliance members all over the world, he feel that many companies building real products, apps and services agree.

During the show Philip shares how AllSeen members pool knowledge and technical resources to maintain the common AllJoyn® software framework and open source code base, opportunities he see in the IoT industry today, and talk about the AllSeen Certification Program, their attempt to boost brand and customer trust with the AllJoyn Certified mark indicating interoperability.

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Interviewed Guest

As the AllSeen Alliance’s senior director of IoT, Philip DesAutels works with Alliance members to advance the Internet of Everything by building out an open source software framework, AllJoyn, to seamlessly connect a range of objects and devices in homes, cars and businesses. He oversees and guides all aspects of the Alliance, from governance and technology, to the developer community and marketing efforts.


Interviewed Organisation

The AllSeen Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to making it easy for devices, appliances and apps to connect to the Internet of Things.

Their mission is to enable industry standard interoperability between products and brands with an open source framework that drives intelligent experiences for the Internet of Things.

The initiative includes more than 200 member companies including leading consumer electronics manufacturers, home appliance makers, automotive companies, cloud providers, enterprise technology companies, innovative startups, chipset manufacturers, service providers, retailers and software developers.


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