004: Emil Berthelsen|Machina Research: The World’s Leading Provider of Market Intelligence and Strategic Insight on the IoT, M2M and Big Data

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machina-research-logoEmil Berthelsen, Principal Analyst from Machina Research, joins Everything Linking in this episode to share what Machina Research do, how it all started, and how they help their customers understand IoT and M2M. We covered topics such as:

  • The evolution of traditional M2m to IoT nowadays;
  • What “enterprise IoT” stands for and why it matters to businesses;
  • What companies considering an IoT strategy or developing an IoT product or service should look out for;
  • The Smart City Manager forum that Machina Research is hosting;
  • Problems and obstacles companies may meet when implementing and developing an IoT product or service; and
  • The 5 key opportunities he spotted in the IoT space today.


Interviewed Guest

Emil has been a Principal Analyst at Machina Research over 3 years now, and has many years of experience in the IT, telco and management consulting space from companies such as KPMG Consulting, BT, Proudfoot and Analysys Mason. Emil focuses on M2M, IoT and Big Data, and has more recently researched such topics as Enterprise IoT and analytics. Emil is author to many articles and reports on IoT, and an active conference speaker in Europe and US. He holds an MPhil in International Relations from Cambridge University.


Interviewed Company

Machina Research is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence and strategic insight on the newly emerging Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Big Data opportunities.

The Internet of Things is the single most important technology trend today. IoT technologies are already enabling new and innovative business opportunities, proving a significant disruptor of traditional business models and processes. It is front-of-mind for many corporate management teams as well as the myriad of technology vendors that support and supply them.

Staffed by industry veterans, we provide market intelligence and strategic insight to help our clients maximise opportunities from these rapidly emerging markets. If your company is a mobile network operator, device vendor, infrastructure vendor, service provider or potential end user in the IoT, M2M, or Big Data space, we can help.

A member of the Industrial Internet Consortium and the Continental Automated Buildings Association, Machina Research is headquartered in London with offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Boston and Hong Kong.


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