002: Matthew Owen|M2M Intelligence

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaFAAAAJDdlMWIyOGI4LWUyZDUtNGIyMy04MmE3LTM5YmM1Y2MxMGQ1MAMatthew Owen, founder and Managing Director of M2M Intelligence, joined us today in this hour long episode and shared insights about M2M Intelligence’s product, services, and how their approach as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for IoT can provide better service to their customers.


Interviewed Guest

Matthew is a Marketer by training, and started out in FMCG with Duracell in the 1980s.

After spending 12 years in Global Services – the Large Enterprise division of BT, developing solutions for and with companies such as Unilever, Toyota and Shell etc. and a few years independently consulting for Tata, Fujitsu and others, Matthew co-founded M2M Intelligence in 2011 with a team of global telecoms professionals and expert engineers.

Matthew describes M2M Intelligence as a “Next Generation IoT MVNO” – whose aim is to give clients complete visibility and control over their connectivity and SIM estate, yet preserving their critical data securely within the Tier-1 carriers’ resilient, scalable networks.

Interviewed Company

M2M Intelligence was founded by a team of experienced global telecoms professionals with a vision to deliver the highest levels of service to customers for whom IoT connectivity and control are essential.

We deliver M2M solutions for clients across a wide range of industries including medicine, community healthcare, field-based engineering services, logistics and usage based insurance and fleet telematics.


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